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For more than a quarter of a century, we, microdrop Technologies, have dedicated ourselves to microdispensing technology. Our journey began with the development of the world's first micropipette, enabling precise dispensing of the tiniest liquid droplets.
This breakthrough has had a profound impact on the advancements in this field.

Throughout our journey, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we are constantly driven to expand our expertise.

We embrace curiosity and approach our work with passion, striving to create technically innovative and reliable products. Our unwavering focus remains on functionality, reliability, and economic feasibility.

At microdrop Technologies, we believe in making a difference in people's lives. That's why we actively contribute to the progress of preventive and actual healthcare. We understand the importance of supporting and advancing humanity's well-being.

Experience the difference that precision, reliability, and innovation can make.

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Our interdisciplinary team comprises scientists, engineers, and technicians who share a common passion for precision. With our expertise and dedication, we continuously work on advancing our product portfolio and delivering tailor-made solutions to meet our customers' specific needs.

In addition to the field of life sciences, microdrop Technologies' products are successfully applied in various other areas, such as the field of material sciences, among others, for use in printed electronics and industrial applications with micro-bonding and wafer marking. More about these topics can be found here, www.microdrop.de.

microdrop as a network partner to push along biotech challenges and their solutions

At microdrop Technologies, we are driven by our ambition to shape the future of biotechnology. As part of our commitment to driving innovation, we actively participate in national and international research and development (R&D) projects. We collaborate with industry partners and public authorities.

Currently, we are proud members of two influential networks dedicated to the life sciences. One of these is the regionally active association, Life Science Nord. This network brings together key players in the life sciences sector, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange to accelerate progress in the field. Through our involvement in Life Science Nord, we stay at the forefront of industry trends and developments, ensuring that our solutions are aligned with the latest needs and challenges.


microdrop Technologies partners with Life Science Nord

Life Science Nord is committed to innovative medicine in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to a large number of innovative companies, the cluster also includes research institutes, universities and university hospitals. Together, they represent the entire value chain required for the development of new treatments and medical devices:
From research and development to clinical trials, manufacturing, marketing and sales.
Life Science North strengthens this regional industry and is a visible entity on the European stage.

Additionally, we are part of
4D Bioprinting Innovation Network

The 4D Bioprinting Innovation Network is a dynamic community focused on the frontier of bioprinting technology. By actively participating in this network, we engage with leading experts, researchers, and innovators, collectively pushing the boundaries of what is possible in 4D bioprinting.

Life Science: Shaping Our Common Future with Innovation and Diversity

Life Science, with its vibrant and diverse nature, holds the key to our shared future.
This dynamic sector contains a immense array of disciplines, all united by a common objective: finding solutions to safeguard and enhance human health.

We recognize the immense potential within this extensive field.
Over the years, we have collected a wealth of knowledge and developed products that have the power to drive the future of life science. Our expertise enables us to address critical challenges and promote miniaturization in areas where it is urgently needed.


In the dynamic world of biotechnology, microarrays emerge as the superheroes revolutionizing investigations into viral diseases, cancer, and beyond. These powerful tools play a fundamental role in a multitude of studies, enabling scientists to investigate existing and emerging diseases with precision and efficiency.

The true strength of microarrays lies in their ability to conduct parallel analysis of thousands of detections using minimal sample material. This remarkable feature empowers researchers to explore diverse biological markers simultaneously, unraveling complex patterns and unlocking valuable insights. With microarrays, the possibilities for discovery are massive.

One of the most significant advantages of microarrays is the potential for automation within compact spaces. This advantage, both scientifically and economically, allows researchers to streamline their workflow and maximize productivity. By ensuring precise and reliable dispensing, microarrays eliminate the need for manual interventions, granting researchers the invaluable gift of time to focus on their core competence — unleashing their expertise and creativity.

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3D Bioprinting

In the realm of life sciences, 3D bioprinting emerges as a groundbreaking technology that is currently undergoing extensive testing and exploration. This innovative field, encompassed within additive manufacturing, focuses on the precise printing of organic substances to create three-dimensional objects with incredible potential.

It is already possible to print the smallest organs or organ structures on the slide by precisely printing cell suspensions and scaffold materials (supporting materials).
Looking ahead, 3D bioprinting represents a beacon of hope for addressing the scarcity of organ donations. As the technology evolves, the prospect of recreating functional organs such as hearts or livers becomes increasingly feasible. What was once confined to be science fiction is rapidly becoming a tangible reality: printing your very own organs using a 3D printer.

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A New Hope for Life Sciences Worldwide

We understand the critical importance of providing the best products for the ever-evolving life science market. Recognizing the unique requirements of this sector, we have developed specialized products tailored specifically for life science applications, designed to meet the highest standards of automation, precision, reliability, and ease of use.

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