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Automated non-contact dispensing technology starts from 20 picoliter

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Here we focus on microdispensing technologies in the Life Sciences. As a renowned company in the field of precise liquid dosing , we offer with our liquid spotter Gantry II innovative solutions that find groundbreaking applications in life science research and industry. Immerse yourself in the world of microdispensing technologies that make it possible to precisely manipulate and distribute liquids in the picoliter, microliter and nanoliter range.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our unique solutions and applications. Our experienced team is on hand to answer your questions and develop customized solutions for your specific needs. Get in touch with us and be part of the innovative power that unites life science and microdispensing. We look forward to supporting you and your Life Science project.

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Microdispensing System

Microdispensing Technology with perfect fit for multiple Life Science Use Cases

Realize your life science projects with our precise microdispensing technology. Our modular Gantry II system is a super precise and flexible microdispensing technology.

You get a single system with countless possibilities for diverse liquids and microdispensing applications. This flexible device is capable of accommodating up to 8 pipettes.

It enables automated ultra-low liquid handling and high-precision non-contact dispensing. This empowers you to achieve exceptional results effortlessly.

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in Life Science Applications

Why they are biotech´s superheroes in the global battle against diseases like influenza, covid-19 or cancer

Expand your understanding of microarrays and unlock their limitless application possibilities. Delve into the wealth of data they generate on the reactions of cells, components, and DNA.

Experience the convenience of automated analysis for heterogeneous samples, revolutionizing your research workflow.
Discover how microarrays play an indispensable role as the assembly line of modern bioscience.

Visit our landing page to explore the vast potential of microarrays in your field.

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3D Bioprinting
in Life Science Applications

Unleash the Future of Medicine with 3D Bioprinting

Discover the groundbreaking world of 3D Bioprinting, where science fiction becomes life science. Plunge into the five cutting-edge advances in tissue engineering, from vascularized tissue to personalized implants.

Explore the potential of bioprinted organoids and Organ-on-a-Chip (OOC), revolutionizing drug testing and disease modeling. Join the forefront of regenerative medicine and unlock the possibilities of solving the organ shortage crisis.

Click here to learn more about the power of precision microdispensing in 3D Bioprinting technology.

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High performance microdispensing technologies are revolutionizing genomics, pharmacy and diagnostics. From the precise dosing of active ingredients in medicines to the development of personalized therapies, we open up new avenues for improved healthcare. Our microdispensing systems are also critical to genetic analysis that diagnose disease and drive the development of tailored treatments.

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